hi, i'm kristina.
i think you're beautiful.
make tea, not war.

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oh, and stay perfect. xoxo
Anonymous was like: 'no new friends' do you not like the ones you have or,,,? 

i have like 2 friends in school

that was what i was getting at

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Anonymous was like: how old were you when you first smoked? 


Anonymous was like: how old were you when you started making internet friends? 

well on tumblr, 14. youtube-wise, 15.

Anonymous was like: are you popular in high school or are you bullied or? :( 

no new friends
no new friends
no new friends
no no no

Anonymous was like: Everytime I did my eyebrows to match my red or blue hair people at school would bother me about it. Do people say shit to you bc of it? 

haha don’t make your eyebrows blue please
no one at school gives me shit, only compliments because my eyebrows are brown but tinted red so they match my hair without being tacky and bright

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i just watched “now is good” on netflix and holy shit i’m crying so hard right now

Anonymous was like: I feel u I am a male and I was with my friends and I started bawling at the end when he dies I cant take it (they made fun of me) 

it’s just pathetic because the movie is so freaking lame and cliche but you get so emotionally invested and you end up sobbing hahaha

internetprincessa was like: What movie were you watching that made you cry??