hi, i'm kristina.
i think you're beautiful.
make tea, not war.

instagram: kristinaraesaylor


oh, and stay perfect. xoxo

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awwwwwww ahahaha thank you! c:

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Anonymous was like: How to be christa panek or kristina saylor: 1. Get meaningless tattoos 2. Make sure you awkwardly show off these tattoos in every selfie taken 3. Have a thigh gap 4. Show off thigh gap in pictures, complain about being fat 5. Claim to be original 6.publicly humiliate anyone who isn't a rich white girl 7. Say "nigga" every chance you can 8. Have daddy pay for everything: show off money 9. Date every hot youtuber or musician w/ a lot of followers 10. Gain followers, dump said person :-) 


usually i would just delete this but, i’m going to take the time to tell you why you’re wrong.
1. my tattoos aren’t meaningless. and i guess you’re the pretentious douchebag who says tattoos have to have meaning.
2. you can show off your tattoos however much you want. they’re on your body, you’re proud of them.
3 & 4. kristina has a natural thigh gap, like i can’t even believe i have to defend someone’s body structure to you, you’re so pathetic lmao.
5. we don’t take take people’s ideas. we like to come up with things on our own.
6. this is the absolute least true thing ever said about us
7. we actually hardly say it anymore lmao
8. kristina pays for EVERYTHING herself with her part time job. and people’s finances are none of your business. (i don’t call my dad, daddy and my mom actually pays for me) if people’s parents want to pay for THEIR KIDS. it’s no one business. get over it. it’s not your money.
9. we have dated people who don’t even go on the internet, and just people it just so happens that people are in a band, or people make videos on the internet doesn’t make any difference to us. 
10. i NEVER ask people to post pictures of me/tag me in things/talk about me. and i don’t DUMP them, you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors, it just doesn’t work out.

when i read this, all i could think about was how jealous and bitter you were towards our lives.
but being resentful and mean isn’t going to get you the things i have that you want. i’m not sending anonymous hate towards someone to achieve these things. 
i hope your life gets better xo

everything christa said is accurate and now i’d like to add my own input.
first of all, before i address each of these, i’d like to say that you should not message my best friend about me, and vice versa. not just hate, but please do not ask me questions about her or her questions about me. if you want to know or say something to one of us, say it directly to us. and do not go on anon unless you want to be proved incredibly wrong because these people make all of these assumptions about our lives based on what they see on the internet and they are entirely wrong.

1. christa’s tattoos are for her grandpa whom she was close to and memoralize his life because he was a sailor. she took her first steps on his boat. also, a tattoo does not have to have any particular meaning or story behind it. you liking it and being proud of it on your body is meaning enough. can we go back to how tattoos originated? not going back to ancient times but “traditional” (hence the name) came from sailors. basically all of them had them. whether it was to fit in, remember their voyage, or they just liked them. no one back then said “omg that snake on your forearm has no meaning, wtf.” christa and i are both proud of our tattoos. we sat through hours of pain and they are permanently on us so the most ignorant thing you can do is tell us they have no meaning. we love them; we are proud of them; they are on our bodies; no one else has the right to criticize them.

2. what christa said, basically. people take selfies and show off their face, is that a crime? lol. or their butts. or their pets. it goes on.

3. have a thigh gap? are you serious? there are so many people in the world that have thigh gaps so how does having one make a person “like christa or kristina?” whether it’s natural or you work to achieve it; it doesn’t matter. if you feel comfortable in your own skin; own it. i eat so much food, like a ridiculous amount, and i don’t gain weight. believe me, i’ve tried. it’s not my fault. i can’t help my genes.

4. when’s the last time i took a picture of my legs?????? please send me a link lol. even if i did, it’s my body and if i am confident then why should you be bothered unless you are insecure or jealous? that’s the honest truth.

5. yes, we are original, as much as we can be. if you lived around us, you’d see that we stand out from most people. sure, we get inspiration from others because nothing is 100% original anymore. but we never flat out copy anyone.

6. is this because we use the word peasants sometimes? like everyone else on the internet? when have we ever publicly humiliated anyone for being financially unstable? “haha u suck cos you’re poor.” we haven’t ever said anything like that, ever. my mom is unemployed. i work a part time job at wendy’s. i’m about to move from a house to an apartment. i’m far from being a “rich white girl” so i would never make anyone feel bad about their living conditions.

7. nigga.

8. my dad doesn’t pay for anything for me. if i ask for 10 dollars, he’ll freak out. i buy my own clothes, my own plane tickets, and even my own food. along with everything else.

9. first of all, i’ve never dated a musician with a lot of followers. and hot youtubers? lol i dated destery a while back and i wouldn’t call him hot. it’s not my fault that i’m friends with youtubers or musicians. i’m very social and i don’t even know who these people are when i meet them. if you treat a “famous” person like a normal person, maybe you could end up friends with them as well. christa and i just have a connection with these people when we meet them.

and 10. i’ve never ever ever dumped any of my “famous” friends whom have gotten me followers. never.

i hope all of the ignorant anonymous people read this short autobiography and learn something. think before you message us. we don’t tell you all everything that goes on behind closed doors. no one wants to hear about me having to pay for all these things and whine about how i’m so broke. if i did that, i’d be called an attention seeker. i get enough nosy anons asking about my personal life; i don’t need to post more. also, stop mixing vanity and confidence. do not tear others down because you are not happy with yourself.

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Anonymous was like: You're moving? will you be far away from Christa? 

i’m moving closer to christa! i used to live like 15 minutes away from her and now i live almost 30 minutes away.

but i’m moving close to where i used to live so i’ll be closer to her and everyone i was friends with c:

i’m so excited to be moving back to where i used to live this summer
not in the same house, we’re actually getting an apartment, but the same area. yay i’ll have friends again.

Anonymous was like: How long have you and Leda been friends?? 

since playlist live last year!

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